So you want to try butt plugs? All you need to know before you start..

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So you want to start using butt plugs? For whatever reason be it you want to spice things up in the bedroom with a partner, for your own use or as a stater before trying anal sex, here's some tips you may want to take into consideration before starting.





1. Start off with a trainer plug.

Here at passion sense we stock a range of trainer butt plug sets. These sets are ideal for people starting off in the world of butt plugs as they start off small and build up to bigger sizes to get used to it and breaks you in easily.  We recommend the Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit as the first size of this is rather small for anyone who may be nervous to start with.





2. Use Lube

We cannot stress the importance of using lube especially for a beginner. Most lubricants are toy safe and can be found on our website. These will not damage the toy and make it a more pleasurable experience for you. 




















3. Clean, clean and clean again..

As with using lube, cleaning your anal toy is the most important step. As these toys are made for the anal area, they should be cleaned before and after each use. Currently we stock an antibacterial toy cleaner which of course would be the best option with anal toys, however hot soapy water would be just fine as long as they are cleaned properly and dried properly. 
However if you are trying a battery or remote powered toy then the best way to clean it the antibacterial toy cleaner or a cloth with soapy water rather than completely submerging it.






Try different styles

When starting out using anal toys, it is best to try different styles to see which works best for you, you never know until you try. The first toy you try may not be the one for you, but don't be put off just try out something different and see how it goes. At passion sense we stock sets of butt plugs that have a variety of different shapes and sizes so you're bound to find one that you'll love. 


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