The best sex toys for couples

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Passion Sense Couples Sex Toys..





Sex life with your partner getting old? Need something exciting to bring back those spicy moment?

Couples sex toys are a really great way to get sex heated up in the bedroom, its fun for the both of you. We sell a wide range of sex toys to suit any budget and sexual preference. Whether you prefer something as simple as a penis ring or if you're slightly more adventurous and enjoy bondage, we sell it all. 





Durex Intense Vibrations Cock Ring

Penis rings are designed to make erections harder and last longer by placing pressure at the base of the penis. A vibrating penis ring gives pleasure not only to the person wearing it but their partner also as it touches them it stimulates them at the same time. 



At passion sense we stock plenty of different types of penis ring, but our top pick would have to be the Durex vibrating ring as it's fun for both partners. So if you're looking for a couples sex toy and are wanting to try something small to start with then look no further than this. 










Try a remote contolled sex toy.. 


Why not take things a litte bit further by using a remote controlled sex toy. You can use this toy on your own perfectly fine, but why not hand the control over to your partner so they can control your excitement themselves. This is bound to make things more exciting  for the both of you, especially for your partner as they can tease you with it just as you're reaching orgasm. Our remote controlled egg vibrator is a firm favourite, the small discreet egg can be placed inside your underwear and your partner or yourself can use the remote to contol it and enjoy the vibrations. 






Couples sex toy set kits




We sell a range of sex toy kits for couples. Our best selling one is by far the Dirty Dozen sex toy kit for couples. It includes a range of toys from penis rings to a vibrator with multiple attachments. Just open up to enjoy a night full of fun.




Dirty Dozen Sex Toy Kit Purple

Strap Ons




Looking for an item to fill both holes? Then this double ended strap on dildo is the perfect toy for you, with an adjustable strap for the perfect comfortable fit.




Double Ended Dildo Strap On






Flavoured Lubricants

Oral sex is a great way to spice up the sex life especially when you have a cherry flavoured gel to taste along the way. 

Durex Play Cherry Lubricant 50mls








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