The five best places to have sex..

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1. In the laundry room.

Not just for dirty clothes.. why not get a little dirty yourself? A running washing machine makes the perfect rest to sit on during, whilst also making it feel so much better




2. At the park.

Take a blanket and a picnic and some wine and make a romantic night out of it. Watch out no one else is around especially with it being an open space. You could try to find a secluded part of the park to do it in secret.




3. The kitchen table.

Perfect height for all sorts of positions, especially bending over..




4. In the woods.

Can be scary at night but it helps to builds up the sexual tension and really gets you going. Just watch out for branches and nettles.




Top tip for in the woods or anywhere outside, take a blanket to lay on the ground to make it that little bit more comfortable, or if you'd prefer, just lean against a tree, whatever floats your boat..



5. In the shower or bath.

Take turns teasing each other by washing the other down, focusing on down there. We stock a huge range of sex toys that can be attached to the shower or taps to make the experience that bit more exciting. We also stock plenty of waterproof sex toys if you want to take the fun with you. 





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