Extreme Sex Toys

Should you be looking for something pink and fluffy then you’ve come to the wrong place. This month we’ll be discussing the vast and various collection of sex toys out there, the weird, the wonderful and the EXTREME. Whether it’s pleasure or punishment that you’re looking form you’re bound to find something to suit all of needs at Passion Sense with our extreme sex toy range. From anal beads to but plugs, fisting toys and sex dolls, should you be looking for some company or something to enhance your satisfaction, there’s something for everyone.

All of our toys are created to the highest standard to ensure that they look and feel great. So whether you’re after some of the most extreme sex toys or maybe something a little bit tamer, check out this blog…

Most Extreme Sex Toys

Magic Hands and Fists

Is fisting is for you, or its something you’re curious about, you can find a realistic hand dildo that will leave you trembling with anticipation. Fisting toys come in all shapes and sizes, from a single to a double, experience fisting fun with Passion Sense. For all the fun of fisting, you’ve come to the right place, there’s so many fisting toys to choose from. Made from different quality materials and moulded on actual hands, our fisting toys will stretch out your intimate areas and fulfil your desires in every way. Make sure that you pick out the right fisting lube for the perfect glide and ultimate satisfaction. View our range of fist products here, including toys and accessories.

Large and Long Dildos

Large dildos, massive dildos, giant dildos, there’s a whole selection to choose from. Big dildos are ideal if you require something with an extra few inches in length and girth for that full feeling during place time. At Passion Sense, we’re home to an exciting dildo collection with boasts a range of sizes, colours and features. Whether you’re looking for something realistic and lifelike, an inflatable dildo, a double ended dildo, something with suction, a strap on or a vibrating dildo, you’ll find something to meet all your needs at Passions Sense. View our extensive range of dildos and vibrators here.

Bondage Sex Toys

Over the years bondage has become much more popular and individuals and couples are always looking for new ways to add spice to their sex life. There’s lots of bondage gear and accessories available for customers, so you have lots to choose from when it comes to finding something that suits you. Bondage toys cover a wide area including suction cups, penis rings, chastity locks and bondage kits, no matter what type of items you’re looking for, at Passion Sense we’re home to a wide selection of long lasting bondage products. View our bondage selection here.

BDSM Equipment and Outfits

Whether you’re already a part of the BDSM scene, or you’d like to add some flavour to the bedroom, or somewhere in between, at Passion Sense we can make all of your bondage fantasies come true. From blinds, ties and restraints, our bondage selection is bound to get you going. With plenty to choose from including floggers, whips, canes and paddles, these are all great impact play, as well as ropes, chains, restraints, spreader bars, collars and handcuffs. We’ll have you tied up in knots, with everything from quality silk ropes to heavy duty cuffs and total restriction sets. Check out our BDSM products here.

Fetish Toys and Wear

When anything but hardcore just won’t do, we have you covered for all your fetish needs and kinky sex toys. At Passion Sense, whether you’re looking for inflatable dildos, pump-up butt plugs, heavy metal sex toys or strap on dildos or kinky waterproof plastic clothing, you’re in the right place. We have everything to satisfy your fetish, from rubber, water sports or something even harder! At Passion Sense, we’re also the perfect place for all of your crotchless latex, spanking skirts, cup less tops and dresses. So, if you want to take your experiment further with love play that includes bondage ropes or medical instruments, we have what you need to tease and please, whatever fetish you may be into.

For all your extreme and hardcore sex toys, check out the selection at Passion Sense today!

Should you be looking for adult toys online, look no further, at Passion Sense, our Middlesbrough based sex shop offers a wide selection of sex toys, outfits whatever your kinky requirements, take a look at our products online today!