Looking For Multi Speed Rabbit Vibrators In The UK

The rabbit vibrator is the most iconic of all sex toys, having first found fame in season 1 of Sex and the City when Charlotte becomes addicted to the toy.

Stimulating both your most electric erogenous zones at once, a Multi-Speed Rabbit Vibrator could become your new best friend and, just like Charlotte, you might end up spending spare moment together.

A multi-speed rabbit vibrator can take you as slowly or rapidly as you like: you’re the one in control. Offering deep all-round stimulation, it can deliver 100% satisfying and explosive orgasms from your clitoris and g-sport.

While the bunny ears stimulate your clitoris, the shaft delivers an internal massage so you really feel like you’re being ravished by the best lover in the world.

At HMP Direct we have a range of multi-speed rabbit vibrators awaiting discreet delivery in the UK.

With a whole section dedicated to rabbits, we can find the best new playmate for your toe-tingling adventures.

Our rabbit vibrators include those made of silicone, which is easy to clean and has a soft and silky feel. Our silicone rabbit vibrators include this Premium Rabbit Vibrator which has 12 different speeds to explore. Priced at only £12.99, you can enjoy a premium sex toy for much less.