Multi Speed Vibrators For Women In The UK

A multi-speed vibrator puts you in the driving seat, enabling you to find the perfect speed that brings you to orgasm either slowly and powerfully, or quickly and intensely.

At HMP Direct we have a range of multi-speed vibrators for sale in the UK, including rabbit vibrators, beautiful bullets and wand vibrators.

Among our range of multi-speed vibrators for women is the 12 Speed Tongue Vibrator which costs only £12.99 and is perfect for stimulating your clitoris like never before. This waterproof silicone toy can even be used in the shower.

Available in either baby blue or pink, this multispeed vibrator makes a truly sexy gift for anyone this Christmas. Since it’s small it can easily be slipped into any handbag. With 12 super-speeds to choose from, you’ll never get bored of being stimulated by this powerful toy.

If you have even more of a need for speed, you’ll love the 60 Speed Wand Vibrator which has an incredible range of options. This is a true multispeed device which you’ll never tire of using, with 60 tantalising speeds on offer.

With our highly affordable sex toys, everyone can enjoy a vibrator for much less.

Why not browse our range of multi-speed vibrators for women?