Multi-Speed Vibrators For Women In The UK

Why purchase a vibrator that has only one speed when there are so many ways to climax?

A multi-speed vibrator provides so many ways to reach the big ‘O’, with each setting offering something uniquely pleasurable.

At HMP Direct have many multi-speed vibrators to choose from, including discreet lipstick-sized bullets, classic rabbit vibrators, and our silent but powerful wands.

Whether you love a tantalising intermittent buzz, or strong and persistent stimulation, our multi-speed vibrators will tickle all your fancies. Depending on what mood you’re in, you can choose a setting which either feels like foreplay and teases you, or takes you straight to orgasm.

A multi-speed vibrator is extremely popular with women, who need a vibrator that gets them in the mood before taking them all the way.

At HMP Direct we currently have a sale on many of our raunchiest toys, so why not invest in a new vibrator for those long winter evenings?

Our bullet vibrators are extremely popular ways to buy your first sex toy, being small, attractive and coming with multiple settings. For instance, our Dolphin Bullet Vibrator is great for beginners and comes in many gorgeous colours.

If you’re looking for your next vibrator in the UK, why not check out our collection today?