Our Collection Of Bullet Vibrators

A bullet vibrator might be small, but it certainly packs a punch…

Don’t let the size of these vibrators put you off: they’re much more powerful than you might imagine, and offer excellent value for money. Since they’re the size of a lipstick, they can also be taken anywhere on your travels.

As the name suggests, they’re the size of a bullet but can release vibrations so powerful, you’ll realise that all the best things come in small packages. Bullet vibrations can also come with a wide range of settings, so you can experiment to find your favourite pattern.

At HMP Direct we have a range of bullet vibrators in many attractive designs, including mini bullet vibrator which is a bargain at only £3.50. Available in a panoply of colours, it is so small it can be taken anywhere in your purse or pocket.

If you prefer the idea of a bullet made of soft silky silicone, the Demon Vibrator will do the trick, with its 7 settings to transport you to a world of pleasure. With a rounded end, it can also easily be used for penetration and to stimulate your G-spot. Please note you will need to buy batteries for this vibrator before you can get started!

Browse our range of bullet vibrators to find your favourite toy.