Our Gorgeous Lipstick Vibrators

If you’re worried about anybody finding your vibrator, why not opt for a dinky lipstick vibrator?

Cleverly disguised as a lippy, this mini vibrator won’t look out of place in your handbag.

Since it’s the size of a bullet vibrator, it can be taken anywhere: on holiday, to the office or when travelling for work. You’ll always have a quick pick-me-up available in your bag.

At Passion Sense, we have a collection of wonderful lipstick vibrators which are extra soft and come with a delicate, precise touch. This lipstick looks so good you’ll forget that it’s the real thing, and it makes an excellent Christmas stocking filler for any partner. You’ll find lipstick has never been so much fun…

All it needs is one AAA battery to get started, and away you go!

At Passion Sense, we can supply free batteries with every order when needed, including with our Lipstick Vibrators which are less than £10.00.

We also offer free shipping on order over £30 and everything comes in discreet packaging, so your housemates will never guess.

Why not order some ID Glide lubricant to make your vibrator easier to use? You might also want to throw in some Antibacterial Toy Cleaner too, which is available for only £7.49 at Passion Sense.