Top Toys to Take on Holiday

Holidays should always be hot from sizzling in the sun to turning up the heat in the bedroom, spend your trip exploring each other and discovering brand new things that get you off. 

What to pack…

Stop the buzz If your toys are battery powered then make sue that you take them out before putting them in your luggage, no one wants to get to their destination and find that their case has been raided for ‘suspicious buzzing’.

Limit the lube If you’re travelling with hand-luggage only, then remember you can only travel with liquids of 100ml or less, lucky for you we provide a range of lubes below the liquids threshold, so pack and prepare to get wet.

Travelling light Don’t add any unnecessary weight to your luggage, stay well below your luggage allowance with our petite, travel sized toys.

Unconventional tips Pack an ice cube tray, yes an ice cube tray. This may sound odd but freezing lube is a great way to explore each other as well as temperature. After a long day in the sun, adding a frozen cube of lube to your foreplay is an incredible way to stimulate each other.

Holiday Sex Toys

Which toys to take on holiday

Toys with multiple uses are great for holiday packing, here’s how to get maximum pleasure from minimal space.

Bullets These pocket sized rockets will provide an intense vibration and are super stimulating for both men and women.

Pack a bullet and up your orgasm count, target the vibrations at the client whilst using your fingers or tongue to stimulate the rest of the vagina. Mix up sensations and alternate slow, firm licks with high powered vibration. Using a bullet to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse is also a great way to help your partner achieve blended orgasms, especially great if she struggles to climax from penetration alone.

For men, place a bullet against his scrotum and run it up the underside of his penis stopping on his frenulum, just below the head. Combine with serious suction and lots of lube and then you’re guaranteed to please. Alternatively you can place the bullet against his perineum during oral or intercourse. Switch between gentle motions against the scrotum to firmer circles.

Wands Our smaller wands are great for a romantic getaway, they’re multi-use so can work for a number of encounters. Wands are great for massages as well as sexual satisfaction, work in your after sun and let things get steamy.

Work each others erogenous zones and explore how great vibration can be, from nipples to feet and everywhere in between, wands are made to explore.

Remote controlled sex toys Small enough to sneak into hand luggage our remote controlled toys come in a range of styles, from panty vibes to eggs and vibrating cock rings, this range of toys is great for taking things to the next level on holiday. Make the most of knowing no one and take your pleasure outside of the bedroom. Start your foreplay at dinner by wearing the toy and handing over the control, after a few cocktails you’ll be ready for sex on the beach.